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Character: Sora
Series: Kingdom Hearts
Version: I‘m taking Sora from the moment he and Riku went through the door to light at the end of KH2.
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Appearance: Sora is a fairly average teenager, with big, bright blue eyes, and a gravity defying mop of spiky brown hair. He’s of average height, maybe a smidge on the short side for a boy his age, but he’s still growing. He’s gangly, and for someone who’s done a lot of fighting in the past couple of years, he’s doesn’t actually seem all that muscular, but as previously stated, he’s still growing. Clothing-wise, Sora can usually be seen in an outfit that consists of a black, short sleeved hooded jacket over a dark blue shirt, matching black pants that end just below the knee. He also wears black fingerless gloves, large black and yellow shoes, and his ever present crown necklace.

Personality: Sora is optimistic, cheerful and a social butterfly. He’s also a complete dork, who loves goofing off with his friends. While there are times when he’s feeling sad because of homesickness, or because he’s missing his friends, he’ll usually not dwell on it. He’ll usually put a smile on his face and try to think positive, because Sora is not the type to be bogged down by angst.

He has a natural curiosity and is quick to help anyone in need He can make friends with pretty much anyone unless they’re a complete and utter jerk or outright evil. He considers all of his friends to be very important, and Sora is also extremely protective of them, if they’re ever in trouble or threatened by something he will not hesitate to save them. Deliberately harming his friends is the quickest path to becoming an enemy of the boy.

Sora is a hero in the classic “Good vs. Evil” sense of the word, he has saved the world from being consumed by darkness twice and he would not hesitate to do it again. He has a strong sense of justice and right and wrong, and he is aware of his responsibility as a Keybearer.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths:: Sora has the power to summon and wield a weapon that is a cross between a key and a sword, the Keyblade. The Keyblade has the power to unlock any lock, from the one on a door, to the one at the heart of all worlds. He Keyblade can only be wielded by him, though it is somewhat implied by the games that one Keybearer can allow another to wield their Keyblade. If he gets disarmed somehow he is able to summon the Keyblade back into his hand, the Keyblade will also automatically summon back into his hands if someone other than him tries to hold it. The Keyblade also seems to enhance Sora’s physical abilities, as he is apparently capable of near-superhuman feats of agility and strength. The Keyblade’s form and abilities can be changed by him equipping new key chains, which seem to represent the memories of his friends and the places he’s been. Though he has all the key chains from KH2 the only ones that are likely to be used in the game are the default Kingdom Key, Oathkeeper and Obvlion, which represent Kairi and Riku, respectively.

Sora also knows a variety of magic spells that can be used for offence, such as Firaga, Thundaga and Blizaga, defence, such as Reflega and healing, such as Curaga. He is also capable of summoning friends, such as the Genie or Stitch, to aide him in battle. It’s unlikely that this will work in Paixao.

Sora’s clothes are capable of drawing from the powers of his friends to transform into various “drive forms” that augment his powers. It’s also unlikely that these will work in Paixao without Donald and Goofy.

Weaknesses: Without the Keyblade, Sora would pretty much defenseless, and wouldn’t be very hard for him to be overpowered by someone much stronger then him. Even with the Keyblade that could still happen. When it comes to fights, he doesn’t really seem to be the planning type, rather than using advance tactics, Sora is more the type to jump headfirst into a fight without thinking it through. He’s somewhat naïve and can be simple-minded at times, and sometimes can miss the “big picture” His protectiveness of his friends can, and has been, used against him by people who are trying to manipulate him for their own ends.

History: Sora grew up on the quiet world of Destiny Islands with his best friend Riku. When he was about five, a girl named Kairi showed up on the islands, Sora and Riku became fast friends with the girl. He grew up living a happy, peaceful with his two friends

Then, when Sora was fourteen, everything changed.

Riku, who had developed a strong case of wanderlust over the years, convinced him and Kairi to build a raft so they could sail to other lands. But the night they finished the raft, Riku opened the door at their secret place and let Darkness over take the island. Sora noticed a storm at the islands and went to go protect the raft. In reality, the storm was because Destiny Islands was being consumed by Darkness, and was being swarmed by Heartless. Sora searched for his friends and found Riku first. “I’m not afraid of the Darkness,” said Riku and he disappeared into a corridor of Darkness. Sora tried to follow him, but he wasn’t able too, and was almost lost in the Darkness, but moments later a light appeared and Sora obtained the Keyblade. He then went searching for Kairi, who was by the door in the secret place. When Sora got there, a rush of darkness burst the door open and Kairi disappeared too. Not long after that, the islands were completely destroyed and Sora was swept away.

Sora ended up in Traverse Town, lost and confused. But some residents of the town helped him find his bearings. It was here where Sora met Donald and Goofy, who had been sent on a quest to find the “key” by their missing king. They ended up traveling together through a multitude of worlds, helping people, making friends and sealing keyholes, all the while searching for Riku and Kairi. Eventually, Sora did finally find Riku again, but because Riku was jealous of Sora’s new friends he didn’t stick around long. But at least Sora knew he was safe and out looking for Kairi, so Sora continued to do the same.

However, when Sora and Riku crossed paths again Riku’s actions we’re decidedly antagonistic. The older boy was working for Maleficent in hopes of saving Kairi, and was using the power of Darkness to do so. Unfortunately, Sora was unable to convince Riku to change his mind. When Sora and Co. made it to Neverland, he met up with Riku once again, and this time he had Kairi with him. Kairi was like a mindless puppet because she had lost her Heart.

After locking Neverland’s keyhole, Sora went to Hollow Bastion, Maleficent’s stronghold, to confront Riku again and save Kairi. It is here where Sora learned that he wasn’t meant to have the Keyblade, Riku was. Riku takes the Keyblade from him, and Donald and Goofy follow after him. Sora was left with just a toy sword. But Sora wasn’t going to give up yet. With the help from the Beast, Sora managed to fight his way through the castle and found Riku again. “I don’t need a weapon,” Sora says when Riku asks how he plans to fight, “My friends are my power” Riku tries to attack Sora but Goofy protects him, saying he can’t betray one of his best friends, Donald agrees and also joins him again. The strength of Sora’s heart wins back the Keyblade and they fight Riku again.

After winning, Sora and company venture deeper into the castle searching for Kairi. He defeats Maleficent along the way and, once again, meets up with Riku… But it was different this time, Riku wasn’t Riku anymore. He was possessed by a Heartless named Ansem, who wanted to used Kingdom Hearts to gain power. Ansem had manipulated Maleficent into kidnapping the Princesses of Heart so he could unlock the final keyhole and gain access to Kingdom Hearts.

It is then that Sora learns that Kairi is one of those Princesses and that her Heart was in his. Using the dark Keyblade that Ansem had made with the other princesses hearts, Sora released Kairi’s heart, but lost his own. Riku was able to keep Ansem at bay while Donald and Goofy took Kairi and fled. Sora, however, wasn’t lost to the Darkness. He was able to find his friends, and Kairi was able to restore him. After getting Kairi to safety, Sora goes into the final keyhole to confront Ansem. He defeats him, and with the help of Riku and King Mickey, closes the door to Darkness. The worlds that were destroyed by the Heartless were restored, and Kairi was able to go home to Destiny Islands.

Sora and Co. ended up in the “world inbetween” and he was determined to find Riku and the King and reunite everyone. A mysterious cloaked man led them to a strange castle with some cryptic words. In this castle, Sora meets the “Organization” and he starts steadily losing his memories of his previous adventure. Over time, however, he suddenly remembers an old friend form his childhood, Namine. After learning that the bad guys were holding her captive, Sora becomes determined to save her, perhaps even obsessed. His friends could tell that something was off, but Sora became angry with them for suggesting it and ran off to save her by himself. It is then that Namine herself shows up to explain what was really going on.

In reality, Sora had never met her before. Namine had used her powers over memories to rewrite Sora’s memories of Kairi and put herself in her place. Marluxia, the head of the castle, was the one who had mad Namine do this to Sora, so he could eventually be made his pawn. After Sora defeats Marluxia, Namine offers to fix Sora’s memories, but to do so he would have to forget what happened at the castle, and Namine. Though Sora doesn’t want to forget her, he decides that it’s for the best. So Sora and company go to sleep so Namine could undo what she had done.

About a year later, Sora awakens in Twilight Town, not knowing how he had gotten there, or why he was asleep. Sora and company decide to go search for Riku and the King. However, the King actually meets up with them in Twilight Town, he tells them to go meet the wizard Yen Sid, then runs off. When they meet the wizard, he explains the new threat, Organization XIII and the Nobodies, who were trying to create Kingdom Hearts to use for their own gain, and in pursuit of this goal they were unleashing Heartless on many worlds.

So Sora once again travels the worlds, reuniting with old friends, making new ones and saving the worlds. He eventually ends up on the Organization’s stronghold, The World that Never Was. While he is there, he has a fight with a boy in an Organization cloak in his own heart, after the boy is defeated he says to Sora, “You make a good other” In the castle floating over the city, he is reunited with Kairi, who had been kidnapped by the Organization and was being held there, and Riku. He also learns about his own Nobody, Roxas, who had been rejoined with his heart before he had woken up. Roxas was the boy who he had fought with in his heart. Together with all his friends he finds Xemnas, who, as it turns out, was the Nobody counterpart of the Heartless called Ansem, the leader of the Organization. Though Namine, who was actually Kairi’s Nobody, was able to make a portal for Kairi, Donald, Goofy and the King to go home with, the portal is closed before Sora and Riku are able to go through.

Sora and Riku finally defeat Xemnas, but they end up on a beach in the Realm of Darkness. There wouldn’t be stuck there for long, however. A message in a bottle from Kairi makes its way there and Sora’s heart opens the door to light. It is after he and Riku go through it that Sora finds himself in Paixao alone and Riku nowhere to be found
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